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Making fine jewelry of precious metals set with diamonds, gemstones, and moissanite jewels is my passion. I’ve been making custom jewelry for over 40 years now, and with time comes experience and with experience comes value. I love providing my customers with great value creating their custom made jewelry items for far less than the big box name brand stores without compromising the quality.

Russell's Jewelers Custom Jewelry

Starting at the age of 13 I built and sold bicycles to family, friends, and neighbors. I would buy bicycle parts from a local swap meet when one day while passing a display case a plain white gold wedding band cough my eye and for a very affordable sum of $5.00 it was mine.

I was immediately fascinated by its weight, the color being white, and how it was made and instantly my life passion was born. I studied at GIA to become a diamond expert while working as an apprentice for a jeweler, where the mysteries of creating beautiful quality jewelry were thought to me by the old masters, at a time when just about all fine jewelry was created by hand.

There’s been much advancement within our industry since then but some things will never change for me. My dedication to my customers and providing beautiful quality jewelry that will be cherished for generations.

Gather your loose diamonds and gemstones email me a picture of them and let’s see what wonderful creation can be custom made for you.

Recycling precious metals is an important part of Russell’s Jewelers commitment to our environment we encourage our customers to recycle their old, unused or broken gold jewelry whenever possible to help reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Many of my customers ask family and friends to pitch in with great results.

Another important commitment to us is the removal of plastic from our environment

I remember a time when the only debris washed up on shore was a bit of driftwood, tumbled glass, and seaweed. Today those same shores are collection spots for plastic of all sorts. My quest is to reverse the damage created by plastic made with petroleum by supporting the use of Bio-Plastics a renewable earth-friendly product. Please say no to petroleum base plastic whenever possible.

The items I offer for sale on Jewel Stage are priced very reasonably however if you find you would like the price to be a little more reasonable please contact me directly and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Thank you for shopping at our Jewel Stage store and thank you for your support, we couldn’t do it without you!

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